IIFA awards 2010 in Srilanka

IIFA awards 2010 in Srilanka

2010 iffa got by Srilanka, that’s a very great thing great opportunity to Srilanka.
Get well reputed in world , there was a iffa week end, first of all there was big cricket match between actors and srilankan cricketers. That was a very beautiful moment of iifa.

Then there was a fashion pageant that was very glamorous. Then Saturday the night began, all actors came but we have to say our big start and king khan did not represent the iffa, there are many reasons for that, all Srilankans expect that sharuk khan will come to iffa awards. Iffa the long name is INTERNATIONAL INDIAN FILM ACADAMY.

25000/- ticket per person
Government spent a 1.1 million for each actor.
As we got budget , iffa isn’t successful in financial terms but in publicity we got greater.



මචන්ලා උබලට ඕන දෙයක් කියපන් , මම පුලුවන්නම් අනිවා කරනවා.එක comment එකෙක් හරි mail එකක් හරි දල කියපන්.
උබලට ඇති නේ ඉන්ටෙර්නෙට් , සොෆ්ට්වරේ ,ඉන්ටෙර්නෙට් money ,After AL මොකෝ කරන්නේ කියලා ,
පහල තියන box එකේ ප්‍රශ්නේ ලියන්න මම reply එකක් අනිවා දානවා

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