Why upkesha Swarnamali Get hit?

upeksha swarnamali faced ta big trouble those days. she attacked by her husband. then entered to the hospital.

After admitted when we search news about her we couldn't get.
now she in good health. we conduct a conference about that , she told

she doing political because of husband. i respect him. i love him.
Upeska now not thinking emotionally she only get decision by mind.

we asked that she going to be divorced, upkesha swarnamali told that she is thinking about that. time will Solve...............

Upeksha swarnamali Tragedy



මචන්ලා උබලට ඕන දෙයක් කියපන් , මම පුලුවන්නම් අනිවා කරනවා.එක comment එකෙක් හරි mail එකක් හරි දල කියපන්.
උබලට ඇති නේ ඉන්ටෙර්නෙට් , සොෆ්ට්වරේ ,ඉන්ටෙර්නෙට් money ,After AL මොකෝ කරන්නේ කියලා ,
පහල තියන box එකේ ප්‍රශ්නේ ලියන්න මම reply එකක් අනිවා දානවා

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