Anarkali Akarsha now on a new film-New News

Anarkali Akarsha now on a new film
Anarkali Akarsha is a very famous actress in Srilanka. She is very pretty and very good girl. She has good qualities. Anarkali Akarsha we have seen in films in recent times we haven’t see her.

Anarkali Akarsha’ s new film is “King Hantar” , she is very pretty in that film, and sexy too. She have very slim body and perfectly suit for her.
She went to international collage, those days she can’t speak Sinhala, now she can speak Sinhala very well. She is doing politics also and a member of urban council.
Anarkali Akarsha’s Very first drama was ”sihinayak pata patin”, after drama release she became popular among young crowd.
She is 22 years old now and birth year is 1988.
Those days she lives in a rent house. Now she has got a separate house.
She always talks about women’s rights.
Anarkali Akarsha



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