R Duminda Silva Tragedy

Colombo District Parlimentarian Duminda Silva who was shot in head and seriously injured on Saturday evening @ Mullariaya.

R Duminda Silva Tragedy Story

Mr bharata Premachandra went to visit voting booths before ending the polls.
Mr R Duminda Silva arrived in 3 Prado jeeps luxury jeeps. then got a pistol and ran away to Mr bharata Premachandra. they started to insult themselves for a time.
after a few seconds , Duminda Silva slapping bharatha hard on his cheek knocking him to the ground.

then Duminda Silva shot his legs. then somebody around his , loudly said that Shoot to head.
then others shoot to bharata Premachandra head. he was spot died.

this conflict burn because of Duminda silva being appointed as the Kolonnawa Organizer.

And there is also main reason that.... bharata Premachandra said that underworld element who was killed on friday.. and he was a suppoter of Duminda Silva............................
But Duminda Silva helped immensely to the poor people..



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