How to do Blogger Seo

How to do Blogger SEO

in My knowledge , my site proves that. as 2 years of experience

First Create a blogger very uniquely. as i said , you have to be unique from others.

than register with webmaster tools in google , then u get a HTML Meta tag , copy and paste on your blogger.(design-HTML)
Then Create a Meta Tag
(you Search in google that Create a meta tag.. ) Meta Tag includes your Keywords ,description and privacy more...

After Creating Meta Tag you paste in html in blogger.

Special Thing is you have analyze your meta tag , type in google meta tag analyzers you will find.
After Analyze your Site(blogger) you get Details

-Relevant Meta Tag Discretion
-Relevant Meta Tag Keywords
-Relevant Page Headers
-Relevant titles

Your Weakness can identify and correct them as soon as possible.
go to webmaster tools again then submit a Site map to your site(blogger)
type in site atom.XML

In a few minutes your page will be indexed.

After that go to google any type "Enter my site to gooogle" you will get indexed in google after you entered your site.

then you want to register with Back Links Sites. try to register with high Page Rank Back link sites.....

after a week you will Get Visitors............. Guaranteed.

How to do Blogger SEO


eilersmarketting said...

Thank you for sharing your experience.

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buzu said...

wow , i like this article cuz its valuable


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