How to Find A girl in young age

How to find a girl?

This is a common problem of boys, Every boy likes to love. Honest love is special thing in life.
How to find? when my life partner will come to life?

First Advice to boys is, Be honest and be your self. If a person said that, your life partner will come to your
in future. thats a lie.
First You want Confidence that you must find a girl in youth age. Confidence is must.  You must try try otherwise you never be a winner.
If you step foreword in life , that's a challenge to your life. Dont only look beautiful in a girl, its a myth , also a disaster.
try to follow attitudes.

 try try , first days you will be very frustrated , but you have a goal so you can really going for that.



මචන්ලා උබලට ඕන දෙයක් කියපන් , මම පුලුවන්නම් අනිවා කරනවා.එක comment එකෙක් හරි mail එකක් හරි දල කියපන්.
උබලට ඇති නේ ඉන්ටෙර්නෙට් , සොෆ්ට්වරේ ,ඉන්ටෙර්නෙට් money ,After AL මොකෝ කරන්නේ කියලා ,
පහල තියන box එකේ ප්‍රශ්නේ ලියන්න මම reply එකක් අනිවා දානවා

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