oil Prices crisis srilanka and worldwide

oil Prices crisis  srilanka and worldwide
Oil prices may high due due to lack of production oil in the oil market. Srilanka is facing very massive problem in near future. Srilankans use diesel than patrol. We dont have large stop tans to save oil. we have only few small oil tanks , we can survival 3months from that type of tanks. those are in supugaskanda.
Middle east countries now facing very difficult time so oil producing is lower than normal.
OPEC summit is the largest comity regarding oil producing. The group consist  of main oil producing countries. such as Arabia,UAE and other.
Libya crisis also a reason for this matter.
Unfortunately developing countries may face huge problem on these areas



මචන්ලා උබලට ඕන දෙයක් කියපන් , මම පුලුවන්නම් අනිවා කරනවා.එක comment එකෙක් හරි mail එකක් හරි දල කියපන්.
උබලට ඇති නේ ඉන්ටෙර්නෙට් , සොෆ්ට්වරේ ,ඉන්ටෙර්නෙට් money ,After AL මොකෝ කරන්නේ කියලා ,
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