Wesak Religious Festival in srilanka

Wesak Religious Festival in srilanka

Most of the srilankans are Buddhist, Buddhist main power is lord of Buddha. We are celebrating our Wesak Festival Due to   Lord Buddhas birth. As a Buddhist i celebrate this  make wesak Torana, lanterns(wesak Kuudu), Bakat and more.

Everybody keen to watch our festival in urban areas. Some private companies organize Wesak kuudu competition and dansals so cities get very colorful.   

weak day Buddhists visit temple and worship.

Kandy city well prepared for this season because sri dalada maligawa situated there. what a pride look comes when wesak comes to kandy.



මචන්ලා උබලට ඕන දෙයක් කියපන් , මම පුලුවන්නම් අනිවා කරනවා.එක comment එකෙක් හරි mail එකක් හරි දල කියපන්.
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